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VMware Releases Its New Gallium3D Driver

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    Originally posted by alexcorscadden View Post
    Looking at the chart on the gallium status page you linked, I think VMware SVGA is on the wrong axis. The driver is for a device rather than a state tracker (devices are the rows, state trackers are the columns). That chart is sorta silly anyways, the whole point of gallium is that you don't need an OGL state tracker specific to each device. In theory, you only need a single state tracker for all devices.
    The chart is to separate theory from practice, because in practice, a lot of state tracker/driver combinations don't work right or aren't conformant. I wanted to make sure that people were aware of deficiencies and bugs in implementations; in particular, I'm kind of tired of no good way to test OGL conformance and I would rather be embarrassed by a status page than annoyed by bug reports.

    You may notice how the nouveau devs are not editing the page. :3

    ~ C.