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Assembly Shader Extension For Mesa Drafted

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  • Assembly Shader Extension For Mesa Drafted

    Phoronix: Assembly Shader Extension For Mesa Drafted

    Back during the X Developers' Conference last month, one of the sessions was on GL shaders for Shader Model 3/4. This talk led by Ian Romanick called for advanced assembly shader extensions for Mesa, which would greatly benefit some middle-ware projects like Wine and Cedega with Mesa's current state and not having a bolstered GLSL implementation...

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    Shaders are a big issue in Wine. They stop many games from working properly with DX9. The perforamance slow down using DX9 is massive because the current implementation of GLSL just isn't fast enough.
    I want shiny games!


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      All this Linux 3D work is amazing I'm really excited for the future of Linux like I haven't been in quite a while.

      Go developers!


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        How will this affect Nvidia (proprietary driver) users if nvidia supposedly implemented this?

        It seems that this is actually almost a copy of an NVIDIA extension that has been made more generic