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Patents May Cause Issues For OpenGL 3 In Mesa

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  • Patents May Cause Issues For OpenGL 3 In Mesa

    Phoronix: Patents May Cause Issues For OpenGL 3 In Mesa

    While work on OpenGL 3.x support in Mesa has been very slow, many have been looking forward to the day when Gallium3D hardware drivers provide fast acceleration and a OpenGL 3 state tracker to provide this support to all Gallium3D users. Intel though has also been wanting to bring some OpenGL 3 support to the classic Mesa stack...

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    Well I suppose Ian has the right idea... As an American i'm pissed off at the whole software patent thing, and even more disgusted that we're trying to push other countries into adopting them.


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      I'm reeeeeeeaaaally temped to say "implement the code, release it in Europe, and let the Americans stew in their own patent-juices".
      Now I won't do that because I know that the people hit in this case are mostly not proponents of US software patents.

      But this patent mumbo-jumbo is some grade-A bullcrap.


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        There already is such an extension. See:

        However, supporting this outright still does not resolve the potential legal
        problem. Furthermore, we still have to be able to support potential software
        fallbacks. We can't do that without a way to handle compressed textures in
        software. Without a license for S3TC, we're not going to add any further
        support for S3TC textures.

        Fuck off Ian! There is a free continent out there!


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          Originally posted by dungeon View Post

          Fuck off Ian! There is a free continent out there!
          I don't think there are very many OpenGL users in Antarctica...


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            Patents and OpenGL? WTF? Is that a joke?


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              One is enough if his name is Tux.


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                Originally posted by VinzC View Post
                Patents and OpenGL? WTF? Is that a joke?
                When an industry association/consortium/whatever calls a standard "open" they don't mean it in the same sense as "open source". Some organizations have stricter standards for "openness", but the lowest common denominator is pretty much just that any company is allowed to base a product on it if they pay the standardized licensing fees and adhere to the standard (i.e. there's no required negotiation or approval process beyond compliance testing).
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                  software patents are crap.


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                    #ifndef I_AM_IN_USA_AND_FEEL_LOYAL_TO_US_PATENT_LAWS