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Why isn't GCC used as a compiler in MESA?

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  • Why isn't GCC used as a compiler in MESA?

    Hi Mesa Gurus!

    Just curious why GCC isn't used as a compiler in MESA? Instead we see LLVM and derivatives like ACO. Is GCC lacking or incompatible?

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    Propably in favor of Apache license.


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      But Mesa is "the" graphics driver for linux. Linux is GPL based so, why would they choose some other due to license?


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        I would bet, a lot of companies contributing to Linux just do it because it’s become unavoidable. If they could choose, they’d prefer a non-GPL license (“more liberal’ in newspeech, with all the pros and cons, including the possibility to close the source).


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          Besides the politics, LLVM is easier to target as a compiler platform because it was built from the ground up to be a modular compiler framework, whereas GCC is a bit more specific in how to write languages for it. It's for both licensing and technical reasons that LLVM has become an industry standard, it's simply the mecca of compiler development these days.


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            Mesa is the driver for linux, so based on the licensing argument why don't all distros switch to LLVM-clang then?

            Perhaps there is a technical reason for Mesa devs to choose LLVM and derivatives compared to GCC and it isn't a license reason?