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Mesa 7.5 Finally Released w/ New Features

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    I reinstalled UT2004 to try it with 7.5rc1 on my Radeon 9250, since framebuffer object support is supposed to make a difference to framerate... didn't see much of a difference. :/

    Oh well... with any luck I'll be getting a 780G in a few days to replace this old bucket.


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      FBO support requires the memory manager and KMS; are you running with those ?

      Also, maybe I'm wrong but I thought the code for FBO was in radeon-rewrite, and hence in master/7.6 not 7.5.


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        Oh wait, I'm confusing FBO with vertex_buffer_object. The rest of my post was correct though.

        (Edit: ) oh I remember now, FBO was *also* needed for some things (hi-res shadows and fancy textures).
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          Regression in tuxracer games introduced with 7.02 is finally solved in this 7.5 release. Hopefully ttm in 7.6 >= will help in all those remaining texturing problem, for now i can expect proper performance only with 512x512 2D textures. planetpenguin-racer has these by default and work good, but extreme-tuxracer has 1024x1024 for backgrounds and i must downsize all them to 512x512 to be playable.
          Also for EXA usage driconf option allow_large_textures may be "No" in ppracer (not needed for XAA!) for good framerate just for ending results on each level, but for extreme-tuxracer (with downsized textures) that MUST be on "No" if i want 10x beter performance.

          So basicaly this problem is solved, but maybe i can get here some answers to get any clue why performance is at zero range when 1024x1024 >= textures are used? As i know r200 hardware supports even 2048x2048.

          Athlon 2200+, 1.5 GB ram, ATi 9250 128 MB...


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            Well, I have bought tuxracer by sunspire studios. With Catalyst driver (no Jaunty support) I've had performance comparable to a GF2MX. 64 MB sideport + 256 MB UMA was the fastest.


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              Wow, this is great news. I've got an R515 Mobility Radeon card and by the time Intrepid Ibex reaches end-of-life, Jaunty, or Koola will be completely "up to speed" implimenting open source drivers.

              - CH