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Mesa 7.5 Release Candidate 2 Brings Few Fixes

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  • Mesa 7.5 Release Candidate 2 Brings Few Fixes

    Phoronix: Mesa 7.5 Release Candidate 2 Brings Few Fixes

    The second release candidate for the forthcoming release of Mesa 7.5 is now available. The first release candidate arrived merely a week ago, but RC2 brings a couple more fixes to the table...

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    So if we're running Mesa 7.5, does that automatically mean we're using Gallium3D?


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      AFAIK Mesa still uses the "classic" driver code paths on all GPUs except NVidia, where the Nouveau devs decided to only implement Gallium3D.

      The important change with 7.5 is that all of the bits required to run a Gallium3D driver are now in the main tree, so development and testing can proceed more efficiently. The transition to Gallium3D hasn't happened yet, but one more obstacle is gone.
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        I just rebuilt Mesa with Gallium3D enabled. I'm looking for some way to test it.


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          You'll need a kernel/drm with memory management, KMS and DRI2. Probably running the F11 bits is easiest.

          Not sure what you have to do to enable the Gallium3D r300 code paths, probably easiest to go on IRC and ask MostAwesomeDude or zhasha.


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            If you have found out how to use Gallium3D, please drop a line here.


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              Hurray! There is a new release of Mesa3D. Oh, wait a minute. It's a 7.4.3…