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Qualcomm Open-Source Vulkan Driver Aims To Run More Windows Games Via Wine / Proton

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    Originally posted by _r00t- View Post
    I'd like to see Android smartphones with mesa drivers. Full Vulkan support. So while Qualcomm disappoint us lately, that's a good move. Thank you!
    you can already do so with rooted phones, but it's a chore. in general mesa works well on android though


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      Originally posted by bple2137 View Post

      There's still no x86_64 Steam client for Linux. Although they made ARM binaries of Steam for the Apple sillicon.
      They only released the native aarch64 version for the libsteam/steam works libraries. So native games can now use steam functionality, like achievements, etc.

      The client still runs under Rosetta unfortunately.


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        Yes Steam is still Intel on Apple Silicon


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          Oops, my bad.


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            Steam is still Intel on M1s but it is at least 64 bit (I assume clean) on MacOS because Apple gave them no choice about it. MacOS dropped 32bit support 3? major releases ago. Steam is still 32 bit on Windows let alone Linux because no one is forcing their leadbottoms to do anything about it. Even if all major stakeholders said they were deprecating multilib support tomorrow, Valve would sit on the problem till they were forced to either build a proper 64 bit client or drop it entirely. They're an example of corporate leadbottoms at their worst.

            Edit to add: If you noticed, only some support libraries are ARM native, the client itself isn't. They only did what was required to support developers that are doing Apple native software, otherwise they'd lose those publisher-clients.
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              Originally posted by bple2137 View Post

              There's also no realistic use for ARM client on Linux for now. There's still no desktop-grade hardware on ARM available on a market that could potentially replace x86 machine. That would be basically Steam client for Raspberry Pi to play some lightweight native ARM games - which don't exist. I think that stuff like hardware, drivers and x86 emulation should go first so that Steam client could make any sense at all.

              When it comes to 64-bit client - yeah, that would be nice. Seeing where Wine is heading with their PE modules, it would further dropping the 32-bit dependency. We mostly only need them for Steam and older Wine games.
              Well, you can already emulate Steam on devices like HoneyComb LX2K, Pythium D2000 PC's that are entry-level PC grade machines or Poco F1/Oneplus 6 running Mobian and many games are running fine. I'm waiting for mainline support for OnePlus 8 as Poco is often GPU bottlenecked.