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Experimenting Is Underway For Rust Code Within Mesa

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    Originally posted by cl333r View Post
    No flame-war, people have an issue with this name and with it's debugger called Heil.
    That is a weird name for a debugger.


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      Originally posted by jbranso View Post
      GNU Guix actually does build everything from source! Or it does very nearly... It's pretty rad!
      Ooh! Nice!

      ...and here I thought I was being courteous with the DOS retro-hobby project I'm (very) slowly finding time to work on by going the extra mile to make the tools in a standard Open Watcom C/C++ 1.9 install the only mandatory dependencies for a from-source binary build and Doxygen as the only dependency for a documentation build and making it buildable on Linux, Win32, or DPMI installs of the toolchain.

      (e.g. If I need anything beyond what Open Watcom Make 1.9 is expressive enough to do, I'll write a helper in C and let wmake build that first.)

      Open Watcom is self-hosting, but supports all targets from a single build and doesn't yet target 64-bit platforms, so an easy bootstrap through the officially supported path is GCC or MSVC → 64-bit Open Watcom 2.0 and then use it to build whatever 32-bit Open Watcom release you want for whatever host you want. (OW 1.9 is the last version from before a lack of new releases caused a friendly fork, so that's why I ensure I maintain support for it.)
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