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Mesa Lands Option That Can Help XWayland-Based Gaming On The Steam Deck

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    Originally posted by evil_core View Post

    Because many games are using(and bundling with) SDL1 or non-latest SDL2 (without wayland backend). They should be linked against steam-runtime and not bundle their own libs(but they do). With SDL2 you can usually at least use hacks to force load newer version of SDL(even if statically linked). With Unity, UnrealEngine it's nto as easy(not everything is using SDL2)
    Still sounds like mostly a problem for older games and Wine/Proton (until that catches up). More recent native games should be less of an issue for this.

    I haven't seen any recent games use SDL 1.x.


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      Originally posted by shmerl View Post
      I haven't seen any recent games use SDL 1.x.
      Lot of the dangerous ones using SDL 1.x that are kind of recent would be in the worst mmo ever camp as in they are now pay to win crap bought by some company with the pure goal of extracting as much money as possible out the player base while investing bugger all in the program code base. Same applies with old SDL2.

      Generally the games that have too old of SDL you don't want to be playing they are problem not just for lack of software update but lack of game quality updates. In fact the only updates are going to be game play ruining in attempt to get money with them.

      its a really rare game that stuck on really old SDL that is still quality but this will be a game that is no longer being maintained at all. Yes if game is maintained on a old SDL its going to be a dumpster fire of pay to win or other equally money grabbing evil.

      So I am not too sure how important the old SDL2 and SDL1 games that you cannot update the SDL are in fact. Since the majority of them are basically unplayable crap. Really lot of ways valve would do themselves a favour removing them from the steam store due to how often those games people download try and demand refund.

      Basically there is a garbage class of games. Yes games with poor maintenance are almost 100% in the garbage class. Its like 99.9% are garbage class that are basically unplayable for many reasons like addition of pay to win. There is like 0.1% that are like retro copies of stuff like quake that has not got updates recently that people still want to play the original.

      There will also be a retro market for the limited numbers of old games that ceased development and are still good play. But these are really limited in number and they are normal the old games that had a decent single player mode the fact its security flawed is not a major problem since you can play the game without going online.

      shmerl the reality here the only people who are going to see recent games using SDL 1.x or old SDL 2.x are going to be who are looking like in the worst MMO ever or something like that. As in not looking for games that are playable.

      Only other play group who should be dealing with a game that using SDL 1.x or SDL 2.x before the dynamic API feature are the retro game players of course these will not be recent titles but like 10+ year old games that ceased development like 10 years ago.. Yes this list of games is not very long. Many of these games in fact have clone engines that can get around the old library problem by using the old game data with new engine.


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        I see. I'm not touching any kind of pay to win games, so totally unfamiliar with them.


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          Originally posted by birdie View Post
          it's quite unexpected
          you are constantly wrong, by now you shouldn't expect to have correct guess