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Why is memory bandwidth filled when drawing webGL in windowed mode?

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  • Why is memory bandwidth filled when drawing webGL in windowed mode?

    This question might pertain to Raspberry PI 400 only due to its constained hardware but I believe the issue is software/driver based. Maybe some geniuses here have the answeres?

    I ask because I believe there is an issue with unnecessary mem copies that fills up the memory bandwidth and limits Open GL inside X11 windows.

    RPi 400 with Debian Buster and Mesa 21.2 and vc4-kms-v3d as dtoverlay, 1080p monitor.

    TEST (using glxgears):
    For me there is a reduction in frames per second as I make the window larger, going from 1300 at default size down to 52fps when maximized. At the same time CPU usage reduces down to between 4-6%. Reducing the window size beyond the default size increases the frame rate as well as the CPU usage until CPU nears 50%. Beyond this point no improvment to FPS can be seen.

    This together with profiling by other users showing that the swap action takes alot of time on the PI, to me sounds like there is a memory bandwidth limitation that is hit. But as 1080p at 60FPS equals <0.5 GB/s and mem copy tests show 4-5 GB/s for the PI, somewhere we have alot memory copies for each swap.

    One guess I had was that the since the kernel (5.10) uses VC4 drivers when targeting the Raspberry PI 400, even though it has VC 6 hardware, which lacks the correct Open GL support and this is what X uses there might be some bogus copying going on between the v3d of Mesa and the vc4 support of the kernel. But these are speculations and I am not a C++ or a linux kernel guy.

    Any suggestions on how to verify the issue, detect where the bandwidth is going or perhaps how to workaround it are super welcome!


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    Comment: the test has nothing to do with webgl but the same problem can be seen on chomeium and with webGL. Then I just made it easier to replicate and my was forgotten.