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LLVMpipe Effectively At OpenGL 4.6 With Anistropic Filtering Now Supported

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    Originally posted by illwieckz View Post

    It would largely depends on the CPU and on the GPU, but expect the performance to be “very low”.

    For example with my aging FX-9590 CPU and R9 390X GPU with Unvanquished (which only requires GL 3 anyway):
    kind model driver resolution preset fps
    GPU AMD R9 390X radeonsi 3840×2160 ultra 110
    GPU AMD R9 390X zink/radv 3840×2160 ultra 100
    CPU AMD FX-9590 llvmpipe 3840×2160 ultra 0.5
    GPU AMD R9 390X radeonsi 640×480 lowest 300
    GPU AMD R9 390X zink/radv 640×480 lowest 280
    CPU AMD FX-9590 llvmpipe 640×480 lowest 20
    The 0.5 fps is not a typo, it's half of a frame per second, two seconds per frame. So unless you play on a VGA screen and are OK with textures having 64×64 resolution and can live with 20 fps, you may be able to play.

    In fact the performance on that CPU with llvmpipe is close to what a Radeon 9500 from 2002 would bring (the Radeon 9500 can do 60 fps on some scenes but 10 fps on others, while the FX-9590 CPU does an average 20 fps across the scenes).

    The llvmpipe driver is useful for debugging though. On the other hand I distribute llvmpipe with the Windows build of the NetRadiant level editor as an optional fallback for some broken Windows driver, for such application that is not a game, that can be usable.

    I would like to know how performs the best ThreadRipper out there, though.

    Side note: one may notice zink/radv seems to perform slightly less than radeonsi (not a big deal, it's really usable), and it's fun to notice zink/radv is somewhat matching amdgpu-pro or fglrx performances.

    One may use LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=true GALLIUM_DRIVER=llvmpipe to run a game on llvmpipe, and AMD_VULKAN_ICD=RADV MESA_LOADER_DRIVER_OVERRIDE=zink to run a game over zink/radv. On my end it looks like zink/amdvlk does not work, and swr (alternative to llvmpipe) crashes, softpipe (another alternative to llvmpipe) is much much much slower than llvmpipe.
    32c64t and way too slow to even run the Plasma desktop on Wayland at the bare minimum level of my tolerance, that's how.


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      So NVIDIA users can play some games now without blob?



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        But back to the topic: Michael any chance to benchmark nouveau vs LLVMpipe/Lavapipe?


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          Originally posted by illwieckz View Post

          Oh great, thanks for such precious answer, now airlied's words sound more clear. Do you know how I can test that swrast like I do with others?
          I believe it was already deleted at the end of last year here:

          It was also much less general purpose than the gallium drivers that replaced it - I believe it may have only had OpenGL 2.x support present for example. It was just tuned for a handful of cases a bit more closely than the gallium drivers were such as by providing anisotropic filtering.


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            Originally posted by Venemo View Post

            Vulkan related things tend to have a volcano themed naming, or at least a 'v' in the name somewhere.
            Considering that Vulcan is the Roman god of smiths and heat, someone may come up with the idea to use the original Greek name of Hephaistos. That doesn't have "v" in it...