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Gallium3D-Capable Mesa 7.5 Release This Week!

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    Originally posted by curaga View Post
    For using the old-style Mesa drivers, should one use 7.5 or 7.4.1? Considering 7.4 had the transparency bug, are there reasons on why use either release that fixes it?
    Why do you want to use the old ones ?
    I'm currently running mesa-git, and it is working great !
    I just get less FPS on glxgears but videos are taking less CPU to be played.
    Everything else is just the same, that's great !

    Btw, do I need to update my driver to take advantage of gallium3D ? I don't think so but I would like a confirmation as everything runs fine.


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      I am currently testing Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty and when it upgraded 7.3 mesa
      to 7.4 mesa my PC was freezeing, the fix was to downgrade back to 7.3
      I am skeptical that 7.5 are going to fix this issue with intel945since they
      only recently discovered that it was causing freezes with my Intel Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller
      [Bug 359392] Re:
      So far my Lenovo R61e has not freezed with 7.3 mesa, I am continuing
      to monitor its performance.
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        Any news here? When looking on, I still see 7.4 as the latest release. What is going on?


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          Seems like the usuall Xorg slippery schedule ;] I learned to be patient.


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            Brian announced a week or so that he was going to delay 7.5 for a bit. Dave suggested that the release should be held off until rendering to front buffer under DRI2 was working, which would hopefully avoid having to deal with DRI2 API changes in the future.

            MostAwesomeDude also took advantage of the delay to have r3xx-5xx Gallium3D code included, although not by default.

            Here is the relevent thread :
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              Then this seems to be a good, usefull delay