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Mesa 21.0 Released With Numerous RADV Improvements, New Vulkan Extensions, Many Fixes

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    Originally posted by sandy8925 View Post
    Good to know. :-)


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      I don't use the testing branch thank you. I explained that.


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        Everytime I tried Mesa 21.0.0_rc3 and rc5 on my Raspberry Pi 4, it pretty much sucked. rc3 wouldn't do any hardware acceleration at all. rc5 finally got that working again, but vulkan support failed to compile and my testing with glxgears indicated it was about 20fps slower than Mesa 20.3.4!

        So, I'm back on Mesa 20.3.4, with full hardware acceleration and even vulkan support working. Started playing with Wayland. Whoa! If you want to almost double your glxgears FPS results on the Raspberry Pi 4, try ditching X11 and install the Wayfire Wayland compositor.

        It took a lot of back and forth editing of config files to get my desktop GUI back into a state that I'm happy with, and there are still a few minor bugs/uglies, but I think I might never go back to X11. Video playback has much less screen tearing/frame dropping, MegaGlest 3d video is running smoother, and overall this Wayland stack is taking up a lot less memory footprint (very important for a 4GB RPi4). Very pleased.
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          Originally posted by Danny3 View Post

          I hope that too, especially with Canonical idiocy to release by date instead of when it's ready, which would allow small delays to include the most important kernel or Mesa updates.
          you are not so smart right? Nothing in software is ready, with your teory we never realease nothing, Ubuntu already push this mesa upgrade in canonical x team ppa before mainline and kernel 5.11 too


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            Originally posted by cl333r View Post
            Fingers crossed for it to make it into Ubuntu 21.04.
            yes it will since they already put it in canonical x team ppa with linux 5.11, the last stable from both and if you need last mesa you can use kisak ppa, is maintain by some guy from valve