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Mesa Now 2~5x Faster For SPECViewPerf Following OpenGL Optimizations

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    Originally posted by duby229 View Post
    ... but I would like to argue that funding at least a 22 and a 14nm process definitely would have made a difference.
    No argument there - I'm just saying that AMD would not have been able to fund that development.

    Originally posted by duby229 View Post
    EDIT: I have firmly believed that it was Dirk Meyers fault for AMD's failure to fabricate competitive products. I mean, I can remember reading his own words on the matter, though I can't find it right now... So without a link I can point to I can't really make that argument... But at that time it was plainly obvious to me that it was clearly his fault...
    If you replace the word "fabricate" with "develop" or "design" then again no argument. Dirk had to operate within the constraints of the AMD/GF relationship.

    Originally posted by duby229 View Post
    EDIT: At the time of the spinoff, AMD was GF -only- client, they had to -buy- chartered to get their client portfolio. How could GF have funded new fabrication technology when they were definitely operating at an even worse loss than AMD would have? If AMD didn't fund it then who else could have? They were manufacturing AMD's products and they were the only ones who could due to SOI. (And AMD was their only client)
    Investment funding came via Mubadala as part of Abu Dhabi's plans to diversify away from oil dependency. I haven't found a good year-by-year report of funding but GF capital spending in 2011 was over $5B and I suspect that nearly all of that came from Mubadala/ATIC investment.

    That was the whole idea of spinning off the fabs - getting them lined up with enough financial backing to be able to keep investing in new equipment and processes. My impression is that GF ended up licensing more processes (ST, Samsung, IBM etc..) than they developed, but that still required big investments in equipment to fabricate on those processes.
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