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Mesa 20.2 Released With RADV ACO By Default, Initial RDNA2 Graphics Support

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    Originally posted by R41N3R View Post
    If you believe that Gallium nine might be faster than DXVK at some point (as implied by native)
    i'm pretty sure it was always faster than dxvk(d9vk part).
    Originally posted by R41N3R View Post
    then you should give Zink the same chance.
    sigh. you are ignoring my explanations. you can't become faster by stacking additional converters, the only road is down
    Originally posted by R41N3R View Post
    It is just another Gallium driver with a Vulkan output. Even Gallium nine should be able to use Zink.
    in this case dxvk will be faster, because dx->vulkan is strictly less work than dx->gallium->vulkan
    Originally posted by R41N3R View Post
    The luxury of having radeonsi/iris is not available for every GPU, so it might be quite important in the future where only a good Vulkan driver needs to be developed and Zink provides the OpenGL driver almost for free.
    surely for some imaginary future gpu with good vulkan driver and bad/non-existent opengl driver zink will be helpful. but how is that relevant to your tests with radeonsi? are you silently hoping for radeonsi's demise? what makes you think radv will still be alive then? in case it's not clear, radeonsi shares frontend with zink and backend with radv, so it's pretty hard for it to die while other are alive
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