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Mesa 20.1.8 Released While Waiting For Mesa 20.2

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  • Mesa 20.1.8 Released While Waiting For Mesa 20.2

    Phoronix: Mesa 20.1.8 Released While Waiting For Mesa 20.2

    Mesa 20.2 (or 20.2-RC5) didn't debut last week as intended, but for the interim the Mesa 20.1.x release cycle brought 20.1.8 on Wednesday and now it's been extended to having at least a ninth point release to allow more time until not only Mesa 20.2.0 to ship but Mesa 20.2.1 alignment...

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    I stopped at 19.3.3. If I want decent OpenCL with AMDGPU PRO updating libdrm and Mesa in the 20 stage creates an unstable system for me on Debian Sid. Perhaps, just perhaps some work to verify AMDGPU PRO OpenCL stack against Mesa proper might be in order to find some issues and resolve them. Oh never mind. I don't waste my cells on video games.


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      I stopped at 19.0.6. Any later version has a severe hang bug that may be exhibited by using VA-API to record the screen.

      I do not even have the time to test a later version of Mesa...