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LLVMpipe Has Patches Bringing It To OpenGL 4.5 Support

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    Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post

    No. This is for when you don't have gpu hardware capable of OpenGL at all.
    we don't have good support in linux anyway


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      Originally posted by You- View Post
      unrelated but exciting: It seems there is a WIP zink branch that has reached OpenGL 4.0.

      It would be interesting to see comparisons with RadeonSI Vs zink on Radv
      I've tested some games with Zink (that WIP branch you've mentioned) and it's currently visibly slower than native driver. Also it had some issues with shadows which, according to Mesa GitLab, will require Vulkan extension to improve. Ignoring these issues it works pretty nice. Performance isn't that bad for some applications (I was able to run some games with stable 60 FPS) and it's working without major issues. I suspect it can successfully replace native OpenGL in future. Probably not with existing drivers (because why would you remove native OpenGL in favor of Vulkan based OpenGL) but in future ones? Who knows. I hope it will because it will make developing drivers easier. You won't need to implement whole OpenGL but just Vulkan and use Zink for OpenGL applications.