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Mesa To Join Other Open-Source Projects With "Main" For Primary Code Branch

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    Originally posted by ZeroPointEnergy View Post
    Is this a serious question? They are repeatedly addressed as "master Jedi". It is not their name but their title.

    But that is all over now, because we are all morons who can't understand that some words describe different things in different contexts.
    Point to a single scene where that happens, they are always addressed as either with their title as Jedi Master or with their name as e.g Master Yoda, never Master Jedi.


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      Originally posted by krOoze View Post

      Cool, cool, I have gold-plated edition in the shape of Orwell's head.
      Look, I don't have all day for exchanging insults and one-uppery, as fun as that is...
      Cool, here is my 1st edition copy (so it's a bit worn down) picture from today from my tv-room table (perhaps should mention that it's not the English first edition but the Swedish one):

      So now I'm eagerly awaiting a picture of your in the form of a golden head of Orwell.

      Originally posted by krOoze View Post
      You are missing the point. Neither it is finished in our world. Your claim was that the politically replaced word is not forbidden, therefore it is all good.
      No that was not my point, my point was that it had exactly zero to do with Newspeak.

      Originally posted by krOoze View Post
      Your "just another moron who does not understand" shtick. Which you kindly reinsulted twice above, just to be sure. The powers of projection...
      I didn't use the word "moron" so if that is what you read then that is all you. I just claimed that you didn't understand Newspeak if you claim that this have anything to do with newspeak and so far you have not convinced me of the contrary.

      Originally posted by krOoze View Post
      What people? I want names, places, times.
      All I ever hear are people speaking for some poor mysterious someone. Yet I never hear that underpriviledged someone that would be in SW development, if just it wasn't for one darned innocent word.
      Look, I am a pessimist and think we are screwed anyway. But while you build the dystopia, at least give me some proper narative that I can get behind. So far the excuses for these changes are laughable, when anybody even bothers to explain why drag politics and divisiveness into SW. I have standards, you know...

      Should probably mention some of this cancer just spread to the Vulkan ecosystem too. Sure wasting no time...
      Anyway see y'all at next two minutes hate. I hear there might be people that did not switch branches from "master" yet.
      Now you are just arguing the case for or against the change which was not something that I addressed in the slightest and I'm not going to let you drag me down that hole.