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Forcing OpenGL 4.5 on r600g, Worth It?

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  • Forcing OpenGL 4.5 on r600g, Worth It?

    I was wondering whether anyone here has forced OpenGL 4.5 on r600g, and actually used/is using it that way, could share their experiences with it.
    Is it stable, does it make a noticeable difference (if any at all) in performance, and does it help them with compatibility with newer software.

    It would also be nice comparing the situation between cards that natively expose FP64 support vs. those that do not.

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    Well, FP64 is rarely (if ever) used in games, so that would complicate efforts to benchmark FP64 performance.

    From what I understand, the r600g driver is currently being ported to the NIR backend, which wll allow it to take advantage of a common (non-driver-specific) soft F64 implementation.

    See this dicussion: