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Mesa 20.0.3 Released With Latest Open-Source Graphics Driver Fixes

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  • Mesa 20.0.3 Released With Latest Open-Source Graphics Driver Fixes

    Phoronix: Mesa 20.0.3 Released With Latest Open-Source Graphics Driver Fixes

    While many of you are users of Mesa Git for experiencing the bleeding-edge graphics drivers especially if you are a gamer wanting peak performance, for those on the Mesa stable series the Mesa 20.0.3 update has now shipped...

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    For anyone running Ubuntu or its countless spin-offs (e. g. Linux Mint or elementaryOS {which I'm using myself right now & being surprised just how polished that distro really is๐Ÿ‘}), You should really consider adding kisak's [stable] Mesa PPA to your system, since that man is even faster than THE fastest up-to-date man himself (a. k. a. @Michael)!
    The goal of this PPA is to provide the latest point release of Mesa plus select non-invasive early backports. Deviations from upstream packages are listed on the package details page. --- Support status --- Bionic (18.04) - Discontinued - Long term users can use kisak-mesa stable Focal (20.04) - Supported Jammy (22.04) - Supported Lunar (23.04) - Preliminary support (Not tested locally) Note: Please report any issues to mesa. ARM builds are not tested locally. --- Is this PPA stable? --- ...


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      Mesa 20.0.3 has also finally landed to Arch Extra repostiory a few days ago. It was in Testing repo for a while but I'm one of the people who rather doesn't risk.


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        Does anybody know how I can get the last stable Mesa on Ubuntu? The x-swat and padoka stable ppa are stuck at 19.2, and the unstable padoka or oibaf are using the git master tree which is unstable (I guess). How can I run Mesa 20 easily?


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          Switch to arch for stable mesa. Use RebornOs installer to make it easy.