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Mesa 7.3 Released, Gallium3D Landing Soon

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  • Mesa 7.3 Released, Gallium3D Landing Soon

    Phoronix: Mesa 7.3 Released, Gallium3D Landing Soon

    Four months after Mesa 7.2 was released, Mesa 7.3 has now officially surfaced. Mesa 7.3 has been in testing since earlier this month with it having gone through three release candidates. The new features found in this latest version of the standard Open-Source OpenGL stack is proper support for GLSL 1.20 and the Intel DRI driver now supports the Graphics Execution Manager and Direct Rendering Infrastructure 2.

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    Will Gallium3D drivers utilize GEM? How do they relate to Kernel Mode Setting? Do they work with RandR? Would they closer align with Wayland?


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      The Gallium3D code requires both GEM/TTM (depending on the GPU) and DRI2, but does not require KMS.

      KMS and DRI2 both require GEM/TTM, but they do not require each other AFAIK.

      RandR is implemented in the modesetting code, shouldn't be an issue for Mesa (3D driver).
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        OMG bring on Mesa 7.5/7.6!!!


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          I suddenly realized from now on I will treat phoronix news in the time scale of conquering mars:

          Mesa 7.5 coming soon!
          By soon they mean in another 6-12 months. oh man....


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            Originally posted by FunkyRider View Post
            Mesa 7.5 coming soon!
            By soon they mean in another 6-12 months. oh man....
            To be fair, they said "landing", referring to merging gallium 3d to master.


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              Aaand they're off!

              commit fb88b6df82900c5c8f3f8044be06c757e376b916
              Author: Brian Paul <[email protected]>
              Date:   Thu Jan 22 15:51:12 2009 -0700
                  docs: first 7.5 feature: GL_ARB_framebuffer_object
              Finally, new stuff!


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                GL_ARB_framebuffer_object extension (software drivers, i965 driver)
                So that is only for i965 DRI driver, but i don't see many/any activities on Mesa/DRI ATI side in several months for neither chips, no stabilization for older chips, no new extensions, nothing. (phoronix can do some article for that (for maybe 6 months back), so people can clearly know what IS the facts and what could expect from nothing). Is there maybe some branch with it and if they are in existence when "framebuffer_objects" extensions will landing/occur in mesa main?

                And little to be more on topic, just to say that this Mesa release compile and working just fine.

                There is small tipo in article for minimum drm version, Mesa needs 2.4.3>=.