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Mesa3D EGL Radeon hardware acceleration

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  • Mesa3D EGL Radeon hardware acceleration


    Is anyone here familiar with Mesa3D internals?

    I am building LFS from scratch and I'm currently at Mesa3D. I have Raven Ridge and Vega 56.
    I want to play with Wayland later on, so I set egl=true in the meson arguments (Mesa 19.1.5). The script seems to force GLX=dri in this case. The list of DRI drivers from meson_options.txt doesn't include RadeonSI and it looks to me that llvmpipe|swrast are the only options for AMD users.
    Does that mean that OpenGL ES is not hardware accelerated on AMD?
    I am currently at ubuntu, but I can chroot or reboot back to LFS and run meson all over again to post the output if anyone asks.
    In case you tell me that: yes, I could build libdrm with the Intel drivers and use default build of Mesa to shut it up, but that would not answer my acceleration question.

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    I tried

    meson --prefix=/usr --buildtype=release -Dplatforms="x11,wayland,drm" -Dgbm=true -Dgles1=false -Dgallium-drivers="radeonsi" -Ddri-drivers=[] -Dvulkan-drivers=amd

    and it printed

    Message: Configuration summary:

    prefix: /usr
    libdir: lib
    includedir: include

    OpenGL: yes (ES1: no ES2: yes)
    OSMesa: no

    DRI platform: drm
    DRI drivers: no
    DRI driver dir: /usr/lib/dri

    GLX: DRI-based

    EGL: yes
    EGL drivers: builtin:egl_dri2 builtin:egl_dri3
    GBM: yes
    EGL/Vulkan/VL platforms: x11 wayland drm

    Vulkan drivers: amd
    Vulkan ICD dir: share/vulkan/icd.d

    llvm: yes
    llvm-version: 8.0.1

    Gallium drivers: radeonsi
    Gallium st: mesa vdpau va
    HUD lmsensors: no

    Shared-glapi: yes

    No llvmpipe, so I guess I'll enjoy GL acceleration.