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Atom cpu with gpu / opengl drivers questions

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  • Atom cpu with gpu / opengl drivers questions


    I'm using an Atom D2500 board having the dual core 1,83ghz cpu with the onboard forgotten GMA3600/PowerVR igpu on a LxQT ubuntu with latest 5.x kernel. Even if I know and experienced the well known problems this gpu gave in the past linux versions, with LxQT like the previous Lxde gui the o.s. is running ok using the GMA500 kernel module and it seems to be accelerated by the gpu in the 2D and quite "fast".
    If I'm correct this gpu in linux can't benefit from the internal 3D acceleration and automatically going for the llvmpipe software renderer for opengl, a driver I don't think I'll use considered how "fast" it would run with this cpu.
    But most browser seems to use or the classic nouveau,radeon,proprietary opengl drivers for the composition of the web pages or llvmpipe and with this config it obviously use the llvmpipe driver.
    My question is, can I disable this software renderer more than just the browser option to not use acceleration and force (chromium for example) to use the GMA500 lxqt acceleration for 2D? Or this already happens when I disable gpu acceleration in the browser? Cause it always shows llvmpipe as gpu driver even if without acceleration.