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Mesa 19.2 Picks Up The Radeon R300~R500 Series On-Disk OpenGL Shader Cache

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    Originally posted by HyperDrive View Post
    I guess not. OpenArena crashes quite spectacularly at startup with a shader compilation error. Looks like it's requesting an OpenGL 3.2 core context and falling back to an OpenGL 2 context, but the shader fails to compile anyway (maybe it's too complex for the hardware?). In any case, Nexuiz runs fine (albeit slowly).
    I was happily playing Urban Terror (also an ioquake game) on my Mobility Radeon Xpress 200M for testing and get very good FPS - it was a slideshow before the other performance regression fix though (I was the bisecting and reporting guy). Of course I doubt it uses complex shaders and I guess no shaders at all maybe...

    EDIT: Actually I have a version of Godot 3.1 that starts up on my machine properly. Maybe something there can give a performance testing for shader caching??? Actually there my problem was that some shaders were "too long" for the hardware so I eliminated the generated sky shader for it to start... Even some of the material test demos ran from Godot 3.1 as their renderer is GLES 2.1 now once again if you set that! I can upload my hacked version to github or somewhere if anyone is interested in running the new Godot on these old cards...
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