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Blender Developers Find Old Linux Drivers Are Better Maintained Than Windows

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    Originally posted by polarathene View Post
    Windows might have it's issues but macOS has completely shafted nvidia since Mojave(10.14 released last september).

    Despite Apple supporting eGPU and having Pascal gen support in High Sierra(10.13, previous release), they dropped support for nvidia GPUs down to kepler, citing only those with official support for their proprietary graphics API are able to be used going forward. Nvidia's more than happy to provide working drivers, but Apple refuses to accept them for Mojave. Their current hardware has moved to AMD GPUs.

    So if you want to use your nvidia GPU newer than kepler(which is pretty damn old now), you have to avoid updating macOS to Mojave(or newer assuming they continue to refuse supporting nvidia going forward). High Sierra is also limited to Pascal gen, nothing newer.
    There is unfortunately just one way around it: Avoid Apple products. This company is even more anti-consumer than Nvidia or Intel.