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Mesa 19.1 Adds Workaround For Epic Games Launcher With OpenGL

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    I'm glad that they're making it possible to run the stupid Epic game launcher, without the launcher, games can't be launched at all and that is an unacceptable bottleneck.

    As for Epic attempting to sabotage Steam they pulled a nice one with Metro Exodus letting Steam do all the pre-release stuff and Epic running away with the sale. It's especially offensive to we Linux weenies hoping and expecting Metro Exodus to have a nice Linux port like the previous two Metro games.

    I'd rather have to install manual patches and rebuild mesa (like what's required for the Starbreeze Riddick games) than to be forced to game on Windows.

    As for Metro Exodus, sorry Epic, no sale for you.


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      oiaohm see? This is exactly why most apps "break" on Windows without shims. They are coded like garbage. It's not that the API is unstable or other bullshit you spew.


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        Originally posted by JPFSanders View Post
        I wouldn't touch the Epic launcher or store with a ten foot pole, Epic doesn't care about Linux in the slightness, Tim Sweeney is a hypocrite of the tallest order.

        The paranoid in me thinks Epic is just trying to sabotage Steam.

        While Valve has a nice contingency plan to avoid the PC turning into a closed platform that benefits the entire industry (including us Linux peasants), Epic is sabotaging steam while leaving itself and the industry vulnerable to Microsoft.

        If Epic succeeds in sabotaging Steam we'll lose a lot if not most of the momentum we're enjoying now with Linux Gaming.

        All this development money and good will with developers that Valve is pouring on Linux will dry as Steam moves resources to counter Epic.

        I might be paranoid, but this is how I see the Epic store exclusives story.
        Big fan of the Metro series, so I bought 24 copies of Metro games for myself and my friends (more than any other game). I did not buy Metro Exodus due to Epic launcher. In hindsight I am a little bit sad that I did not pre-order it on steam.