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S3's New OpenGL 3.0 Linux Driver Still M.I.A.

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  • S3's New OpenGL 3.0 Linux Driver Still M.I.A.

    Phoronix: S3's New OpenGL 3.0 Linux Driver Still M.I.A.

    A month ago S3 announced the Chrome 500 GPU along with what we called a magical Linux driver. In the press release for this budget graphics card, S3 Graphics mentioned this product can handle Blu-Ray playback, DirectX 10.1, and OpenGL 3.0 applications on both Windows and Linux...

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    I always wonder what companies like S3 and VIA are thinking.

    Hello -- who would want to copy your proprietary and buggy crap? Instead of being as open as they can and getting a piece of the video graphics market for linux too, they keep trying to overcome their competitors on windows, by means of crappy drivers and poor support. Great plan.


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      Yeah, that's simply pathetic. An open driver would help these companies tremendously, yet they are the last listen to reason (yeah, we would buy your stuff if we could actually use it.)

      Even Creative got the message, dammit!


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        Their readme for 400 series claims it has opengl 2.1 support. Are they lying then?