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Mesa 19.1 Likely To See Radeon "RADV" Vulkan FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync Support

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    I hope that sometime down the line they can work on getting freesync working in window modes and also on dual monitor setups where one screen is vrr compatible and the secondary or more are not, so that if the game is on the VRR screen it will be able to work with freesync. This is how it works under windows btw, VRR is one thing windows has mastered!


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      Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
      Don't you forget the amd-wip kernel branch. Despite of its name, it's "complete", while mainline kernel is not.

      Well, let's hope he doesn't impact Bas' mood much...
      Seriously, sometimes getting into OSS development seems like it would be fun. Then every now and then you get reminded of why so many people get burnt out.

      No way I could deal with the BS that comes with a successful project without a paycheck making it worthwhile. Otherwise I'd just be telling people to f off left and right.


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        Originally posted by theriddick View Post
        This is how it works under windows btw, VRR is one thing windows has mastered!
        VRR does not work in windowed mode on Windows with AMD, only borderless (where there is no difference between borderless and fullscreen on xorg, apart from minimizing behavior).
        Nvidia offers Gsync for windowed on Windows, but I consider their implementation and their drivers bugged crapware in lately. E.g. there are problems with DX9 games etc.


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          I've never had any problems with NVIDIA's VRR under windows nor their drivers, however I don't really play DX9 games, there are some on my steam list however I should play like Risen3 but who knows when.