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Freedreno Lands An A2xx NIR Backend, Other Improvements For Mesa 19.0

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    Originally posted by robclark View Post

    oh, nice (about the aarch64-laptop tree). I'm not really sure offhand about a good tablet on the market currently.. If you aren't in a hurry, then maybe wait a while.
    Sure, I'm not in a hurry and of course I can wait. I just noticed that it's not that easy to buy second hand small tablet capable or running desktop Linux (which for now means BayTrail/CherryTrail-based) this days. There is no Dell 5855 on eBay anymore, and getting HP 608 was hard enough (I search only for devices with DP via USB-C support). This hardware also tend to die somehow faster than laptops (which is why I bought HP 608 while I still have Dell 5855 on hands).


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      Sorry to warm up this old topic. However, does anyone (maybe Mr. robclark) knows which LTS Linux kernel includes Adreno A2xx MSM DRM and A2xx NIR support? It looks that LTS kernel 5.4 (and newer) should has both of them enabled by default. How it looks with LTS Linux kernel 4.19? Maybe that kernel version came slightly too early to have the A2xx MSM DRM feature included (and far to early to include the A2xx NIR support). Or was one of these nice A2xx support features also backported to LTS kernel 4.19?