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Mesa 17.3.9 Released To End Out The Series

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  • Mesa 17.3.9 Released To End Out The Series

    Phoronix: Mesa 17.3.9 Released To End Out The Series

    For those still using the Mesa 3D release that debuted in Q4'2017, the Mesa 17.3.9 point release is now available while it's the last planned update for the series...

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    "For those still using"
    Well, I'd say that some distributions don't even ship 17.3. at all by default, they might still be on older mesa stacks. Not everyone is on rolling release and even in gentoo mesa 18.x is not yet marked as stable (maybe for good reason; of course you can still pull it in).
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      Everything passed 17.k2.5 has been unusable for me if I want a working OpenCL stack via AMDGPU-PRO. I'm assuming AMD has targeted 18.1 Mesa for their next Pro release package, but if not i'll stick with the 17.2.5 until a proper OpenCL is recognized by third party application suites for OpenCL 1.2+.


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        What do you mean by that? Right now I'm using the OpenCL driver from amdgpu-pro alongide mesa-18.0.1 that provides the OpenGL and Vulkan drivers.