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Intel Proposes Blackhole Render Extension For OpenGL / OpenGL ES

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    Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
    Nah, this is clearly for more realistic rendering of the projectiles that black hole guns (M-490 Blackstorm/Singularity Cannon/etc.) fire. After all, once you do fire it, it's supposed to suck everything in, including your camera!
    I think you've worked it out. No need for further speculation now


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      IIRC headless graphics can already be done on Intel platforms with vPro (renders to a networked buffer) or a virtual machine with VT-d (which is also a part of the vPro package but doesn't require a full vPro implementation). Besides, can't you already do offscreen render?

      I am very confused as to what the practical application would be for an extension like this.


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        Originally posted by papajo View Post

        This sounds also useful to be applied in deep learning/neural networks to either make better bots or beta test map geometry, dialogue/interaction bugs etc.
        Great application, and that brought to mind that it could be used to more easily to chase down where CPU / MM improvements could be made in the state trackers and/or and rapidly/accurately benchmark them to detemine where one is doing a much better job than another, which is one of the better ways to find low hanging fruit for optimsations.
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