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GraphicsFuzz Demo Works On Fuzzing Your GPU Drivers Through WebGL In The Browser

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    Intel HD4400 haswell gpu, mesa 17.2.8:
    Chromium (11/15 tests passed):
    fragment compile error: shader04, shader09, shader11
    link error: shader06 (need to reload page to reenable webgl)
    Firefox (14/15 tests passed):
    link crash: shader06 (tab crashes)


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      RX580, Chrome 64.0.3282.186:
      • Windows 10 with the latest AMD drivers (18.2.3): 4/15 tests passed
      • Linux (kernel 4.15.6, Mesa 18.1.0-devel (git-b9636fe38a)): 5/15 tests passed
      Interestingly enough, 11/15 tests passed on my Nexus 6P running pretty much the same Chrome version (64.0.3282.137)
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        Originally posted by r1348 View Post
        AMD radeon driver on Kaveri fails only test 15, but that causes a complete system hang and the only option is a forced reboot.

        kernel 4.15.6
        mesa 17.3.6
        Same here and I also get "0:650(1): error: syntax error, unexpected '}'" in some tests (Chrome).

        AMD R290 with amdgpu kernel driver
        kernel 4.15.5
        mesa 18.0.0-rc4


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          Did not crash but got only 3/15. Not a single image was actually rendered.

          r600 on aruba
          stock ubuntu 17.10


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            R280X on 4.15 with amdgpu, mesa-git (0c983b9094) and llvm-svn(326330), 15 crashes the computer, the mouse still moves but that's it, 'restart' won't restart the computer I have to power it down manually.

            The @GraphicsFuzz demo found 4 issues (11/15 tests passed) on my desktop device, affecting my @AMD GPU driver.
            1 shader01
            2 shader02
            3 shader03
            4 shader04 fragment compile error
            5 shader05
            6 shader06
            7 shader07
            8 shader08
            9 shader09 fragment compile error
            10 shader10
            11 shader11 fragment compile error
            12 shader12
            13 shader13
            14 shader14
            15 shader15 render crash


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              This seems to be as much browser as well as driver dependant ... f.e. I tried 2 firefox versions on windows and both give the same errors on the first few tests while one windows is on ryzen 2500u and the other has an intel core i5 mobile chip ...


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                Originally posted by ⲣⲂaggins View Post
                Now making its way to an exploit kit near you!
                I find it funny that Mesa gets an article about a vulnerability, but *every other driver* fails 5 times harder on the same suite.


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                  Originally posted by dolohow View Post
                  Test 15 hangs my os. I can only reset my computer.

                  AMD rx 480
                  Mesa: 17.3.5
                  Kernel: 4.15.5
                  AMD RX 580 (Polaris 20)
                  Mesa: git (#bf2af063c3)
                  Kernel: amd-staging-drm-next



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                    The website is down, I wanted to try this, as it could be a nice source for reproducible crashes of sandy bridge iGPUs, which are particularly nasty with linux, I've had crashes while messing around with plan webgl demos before.

                    Is there any mirror that actually works? Wayback machine doesn't load the demos (I assume it doesn't store AJAXed resources).