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Mesa 17.3.2 Released With The Latest Stable Fixes

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    Originally posted by shmerl View Post

    Yeah, I don't think such reports should be blocking until confirmed.
    Indeed, not only unconfirmed, but the guy doesn't even respond nor post a follow-up with an upstream bug number. I've been following that bug too and I find it annoying.


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      Originally posted by nuetzel View Post

      Why don't you run with the XOrg: repro, then?
      can you read?
      "there seem to be serious issues"
      I am happy mesa 17.3 is not in yet.
      sure for some it works. but for some not, like the debian bug says thunderbird chrome etc. not starting on some radeonsi hardware.

      opensuses openQA did not let mesa through, I am happy with that.
      at the moment I have no time to risk playing beta tester.
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        I could also imagine that a lot of people are currently busy with testing meltdown/spectre fixes. So that MESA updates are not top priority...
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          Mesa 17.3.2 is working perfectly on Mageia Cauldron.
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            Originally posted by shmerl View Post
            Meanwhile it's again stuck in Debian:
            It's working for me (Debian/unstable, AMD R9 280) so far. Firefox and everything else works.

            Only those HITMAN (2016) lighting bugs... -_-"


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              Originally posted by baka0815 View Post

              It's working for me (Debian/unstable, AMD R9 280) so far. Firefox and everything else works.
              Can you please reply to the bug lowering its priority and giving your details? I'm not using packaged Firefox (rather Mozilla build), so I don't feel comfortable doing it.


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                Mesa 17.3 on openSUSE Tumbleweed will finally come with one of the next snapshots (next week). They had to reworked it, thus the delay:

                * Mesa 17.3.2, coming with reworked package (mainly build time optimization,
                some reorganization, no effect at runtime expected)