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Steam Linux Usage Saw A Notable Decline For June 2017

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    Originally posted by humbug View Post
    Steam is growing rapidly overall

    Means the linux userbase of steam is growing too in order to maintain these percentage levels.
    Sadly, this is something people just don't seem to look into. It makes sense, if Steam is growing where Linux isn't used much, then that will make the results for Linux lower over time. I'm glad some people at least attempt to think about it.


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      Originally posted by RealNC View Post
      I don't see what the file manager can do about it. When you set your game to use a different resolution, the desktop switches resolution too. Because it treats the game as a normal application and the resolution it sets affects the whole system

      Desktop is running at 2560x1440. I start a fullscreen game that uses 1280x720. I alt+tab to the desktop, what happens? The desktop is now at 1280x720 too. Not only is everything messed up, but it's not usable. I want my desktop to use the resolution I've set it to.

      On Windows, this doesn't happen, because Windows is wise enough to know that a fullscreen game should have its own resolution, separate from the desktop.

      And god forbid the game crashes. Then you're left with the wrong resolution on the desktop. Because Linux can't get it right on its own, games on Linux are responsible to do all that stuff on their own. It's like co-operative multitasking from Windows 3.1 all over again.

      This really is "computer games 101", and Linux doesn't have a clue about it.
      I currenly have W10 on my main desktop and I play CSGO at 720p fullscreen on a 1080p monitor, funny enough the thing that you just said about Windows is exactly what I have to deal with on my second monitor and I'm not even mentioning alt+tabbing which is f'ing awful.


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        I recently messed with WinXP 64-bit, testing it for Project Reality:BF2, resolution restoration if the game crashed (intentional PID kill) did not work. It worked in Vista and newer ones though (tested from Xp64 to W10)