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Initial Open-Source GeForce GTX 1000 "Pascal" Nouveau Driver Support

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    Originally posted by Scellow View Post
    One of the reason why i'm now using arch
    Can't stand anymore these "distro" that provide only old libs/driver
    I don't disagree, but at work I need the workstation to be stable above all else and at home I don't have a lot of time to tinker. So I'm using Kubuntu at work and Neon at home.
    But that's the beauty of Linux: between Debian stable and Gentoo/Arch, there's a distro for everyone.


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      I wonder if Nvidia will release low-end variants of the 1000 series (like a GT 1020 or GT 1010) for hardware accelerated desktop or video decode that we can use with Nouveau on Linux.

      But then again, for what a low end card will fetch on the market, I'd think it'd be a lot more cheaper and economical to simply use the iGPU on the latest Intel Skylakes or AMD's latest processor microarchitecture, whatever that is.