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The NVIDIA GTX 900 Series Performance On The Open-Source Nouveau Driver

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    Nouveau serves a purpose, but I guess 3D aint one of them.


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      Originally posted by andre30correia View Post
      what DE you use?
      Plasma 5.

      Originally posted by karolherbst View Post
      you might want to report what dmesg throws out when the GPU locks up. We really want to get this stable and any bug report help here.
      I already have, the bug report has been up for a few years now:


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        Originally posted by bridgman View Post

        The ATI/AMD open source drivers are used with a number of different CPU architectures - PowerPC, MIPS, ARM among others. Sounds like it's the same for Nouveau... might even be true for Intel but it would be hard to scrape the iGPU off the x86 die to find out
        Well, supposedly. I think if you actually try and use it you run into all sorts of bugs due to the endianness issues, and Intel doesn't even try and handle any of that in their driver. I saw someone was recently trying to fix some of the r600g issues on power5, not sure how far along they got.
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