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    Originally posted by audi100quattro View Post
    ^ Yep, they were just as quick for my friend too, but clearing customs took up almost 2 days according to UPS. Still, very quick for a custom order shipped from China.
    Mine took no time at all to clear customs just now... Went through Alaska in just a matter of a couple hours.
    Michael Larabel


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      hm.. my friend's went through Louisville, KY and it was being shipped to Missouri. They did correct their website to not say one of the WXGA resolutions is 1440x900 though.

      Looking forward to the benchmarks! I'm curious to see it compared to an equivalent card with 256MB or 512MB of video ram if possible since the non-media center T61's only come with 128MB. I'm guessing the average performance penalty (maybe -10-20%?) isn't worth the $200 hike Lenovo wanted for the media center T61s at 1280x800 or lower resolutions. It would depend on the game though.