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Open Letter For Open Drivers To NVIDIA

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  • Open Letter For Open Drivers To NVIDIA

    Phoronix: Open Letter For Open Drivers To NVIDIA

    For those interested in seeing official open-source support from NVIDIA or open specifications, there is an open letter for open drivers to NVIDIA at With both AMD and Intel now supporting open-source X.Org drivers and releasing specifications/documentation, the community is looking for the same (if not more) from NVIDIA...

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    hm not bad. just 19 sigs when i last checked, and now almost 200. seems like there are people who don't like nvidia blob, contrary to my belief.

    i'm not eligible for voting, though :]


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      Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
      hm not bad. just 19 sigs when i last checked

      Must have just been shortly after it launched then
      Michael Larabel


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        YAUNP (yet another useless nvidia petition)

        Really, why do people bother? Nvidia knows that the linux community wants them to open up the specs. These petitions never work.


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          michael, do you know _anything_ about nvidia and their "open source strategy"? or are that just rumours that you have heard of?


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            I'm a happy nvidia user. But it wouldn't hurt to open things up.


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              Well, I just ordered my first nvidia card, mostly because my laptop's ati card has been a bitch. (I'm building a desktop because my laptop seems to have developed overheating problems after about 2.5 years...)

              It's going to be a fanless 8600 gt... I'll see how it works out, I guess.

              Hence I now have reason to sign this petition.


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                I don't think this can hurt, but even 100,000 end user signatures on this letter/petition still counts less than one signature from an eVGA/Powercolor/Asus/Gigabyte/MSI exec...


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                  I got an 8600 gt on my laptop from system76. Absolutely no troubles at all so far...


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                    This has been done many times before.






                    and on and on and on........

                    This petition isn't even blog worthy.