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A Gift To The Nouveau Developers

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  • A Gift To The Nouveau Developers

    Phoronix: A Gift To The Nouveau Developers

    Unlike the open-source AMD camp that now has deep roots going back to AMD thanks to their new open-source strategy with four full-time RadeonHD developers and even access to pre-production hardware, this is far different for the open-source NVIDIA side. While we've received information that NVIDIA may be plotting an open-source strategy, the Nouveau developers have yet to hear anything from NVIDIA nor do they expect any communication (as was stated in the Nouveau Companion 34)...

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    sweet. make sure it's in all the news, to make nvidia feel stupid, for not lifting a finger to help.


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      If more people stepped in to donate hardware, coding expertise and cash then the Nouveau driver can take a quantum leap

      What cards are they mainly looking for to develop on?

      If the effort is out front and center, then Nvidia should feel but stupid


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        Originally posted by DeepDayze View Post
        What cards are they mainly looking for to develop on?

        They are looking to support all of NVIDIA's GPUs from the old TNT2 era components up through the GeForce 8 and the future... Right now most of their work is on the older GPUs and then the GeForce 6/7 era and a bit of progress on the G80 front but not much.
        Michael Larabel


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          no wonder, since newest nvidia cards are not in everybody's financial reach.


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            I've got to contact my brother, if he still needs my old GeForce 2 Titanium. If not, I could spare it for a good cause.


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              I have a spare TNT2 Mach64 in my parts box, as well as a GeForce4 MX440.


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                If you're interested in donating hardware, please email me the details about your location and hardware at marchesin (@@) I can contact other devs and see who is interested in what device.

                It's sometimes more expensive to ship hardware than to buy it so I'm making sure it's worth it