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NVIDIA Suggests Explicit Synchronization For Nouveau

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  • NVIDIA Suggests Explicit Synchronization For Nouveau

    Phoronix: NVIDIA Suggests Explicit Synchronization For Nouveau

    As another interesting NVIDIA Linux news item before ending out the month are some patches published just before the start of the weekend by NVIDIA. A NVIDIA developer has proposed explicit synchronization support for the Nouveau driver, complete with some "RFC" patches...

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    Patches from NVIDIA for the Nouveau driver are rare but becoming somewhat more common. Most of NVIDIA's contributions to this community-based, reverse-engineered driver tend to come on the Tegra side where there's more interest from their customers in having an open-source DRM-based driver that works with Wayland, etc. NVIDIA did great with their open-source Tegra K1 enablement on Nouveau while continuing to support their binary blob on ARM. On the desktop side there's been greater communication between Nouveau and NVIDIA in addressing questions, etc, and hopefully that mutual relationship will only grow moving forward.


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      Originally posted by M1kkko View Post
      I don't think this picture deserves to be corrected just yet. Not after nVidia comes out with the news that their latest gen GPUs will use a digitally signed firmware. Obfuscates the job for the nouveau team and I'm not drinking the cyber security koolaid.