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Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Is Still Sour For Some GPUs

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    Originally posted by leif81 View Post
    But then later found an upstream report,

    There seems to have been next to no visible progress related to this bug. I suspect this is either a lack of resources in terms of people or access to a GTX 580 to debug. A couple different people have added dmesg logs to the FDO bug report, is there enough info provided there? Can I add anything else? I still have access to a GTX 580 and am keen to help in anyway to see it work with nouveau.
    Unfortunately at present the only known workaround is to use the blob's pgraph firmware. There is an extractor script which grabs it for you now, so you don't need to do a mmiotrace. One of the people on that bug who has a NVC8 has been looking at the issue on and off, trying to figure out where the nouveau pgraph fw goes wrong, but while a few bugs were unearthed, they had no effect on the problem itself.


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      Originally posted by AJenbo View Post
      Actually I was thinking more in terms of software setup. For hardware I am pretty much locked to what i have laying around, but in fact i do belive i have one or two working TNT2 cars
      Which TNT2 cards? The M64's or the "original" ones? I have a M64 one, but not the plain (neither does anyone else afaik). Those cards don't get a whole lot of testing, although we'll happily fix issues if they're reported (e.g. an issue with VBIOS script parsing was recently fixed on early TNT cards).

      Originally posted by AJenbo View Post
      I think I will run threw piglets ons a month and swap threw the GPUs I have lying around connected to a VGA monitor. If i do crash in to any issues with a card i will stop testing and instead focus on bisecting/reporting the issue. So a semi automatic test.
      That would be fantastic! I'm not aware of anyone running through the test-suite with any level of regularity. If you have both nv50- and nvc0-era cards, that'd be even better. I wouldn't worry too much about testing on multiple similar-generation cards (not sure what your arsenal contains).


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        Pretty sure i also only have a m64 left. I also have a PCI 6200 and PCIe 460, as well as access to a 210, plus some random bits i don't remember what are.