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Nouveau Receives Greater Re-Clocking Support

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    AFAIK this is the nouveau equivalent to RadeonFeature :

    Don't know how accurate it is... last update was September so presumably won't reflect recent changes.
    Hmm nifty, thanks for the link. Looks like the GeForce 6/7 series is in the best shape, which is nice since I own a 7900. I'm surprised this list is so much shorter than radeon's, there's got to be more features to work on than what's listed.


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      It's surprisingly hard coming up with the right granularity for feature lists. The RadeonFeature rows keep getting broken up so that finer grained issues can be covered (power management is a good example -- it could probably use 10 rows all by itself).

      I guess the problem is that people really want to know about the "edges", ie whether a feature is "finished", "code released upstream but probably not in your distro", "code released upstream but needs boot option to enable", "finished in the sense that these things work but those things aren't optimized yet"... for every GPU/feature intersection in the matrix.

      Don't need much detail for the stuff that has been working for a year or stuff which hasn't started, but need lots of detail for the stuff that is in transition. Right now that detail is added by replacing one high level feature row with a bunch of more detailed feature rows, but since there's no "tree widget" in the form it's not easy to collapse those detailed rows back into a high level row when everything is done...

      ... and so the matrix keeps getting bigger and bigger.