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Galaxy GT 520 shows nothing when boot

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  • Galaxy GT 520 shows nothing when boot

    I took out my Radeon HD 4670 and decided to try out my Galaxy Geforce GT 520 and the monitor just shuts off when it finishes booting. I put in my Mint 14 install disk and does the same thing. I have an old Ubuntu 12.04 disk and does show the desktop but shows the card as unknown.

    My system currently has Mint 14 installed. What is causing this to happen?

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    Since this card has VGA, DVI, and HDMI I decided to try and hook it up to my only HDMI monitor which is my TV and it shows a display. It still doesn't detect the card though, but at least there's something. Anyway to make it use VGA or DVI?


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      Well I wanted to see how the Nouveau drivers matched up against Nvidia but I gave in and installed Nvidia proprietary drivers. They work just fine but I had to do it on my TV to install them. That's certainly a bug to report to Nouveau.


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        It changes nothing that you installed proprietary drivers, you can ressolve situation or improve opensource drivers and still use the driver you want.

        You can read the old kernel logs in /var/log, they are archived as dmesg.1.
        I suggest you do this after your machine hangs by means of booting via livecd and accessing the root partition.

        Probably you got the old driver or microcode was not loaded and GPU couldn't start.
        I don't know the support state of gf520, so you better contact developers over IRC.


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          The latest news on front page shows that some fixes were done for the NVIDIA GF119, which is the chip this card uses. So I'm guessing they already fixed the problem in kernel 3.8? I'm using 3.7.