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DRM Library Gets Open-Source NVIDIA Tegra Support

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  • DRM Library Gets Open-Source NVIDIA Tegra Support

    Phoronix: DRM Library Gets Open-Source NVIDIA Tegra Support

    One week after NVIDIA published 2D open-source driver code for their Tegra 2 ARM SoCs, which is applied to the Tegra DRM driver that will premiere with the Linux 3.8 kernel, code has now emerged for supporting the NVIDIA Tegra driver within the libdrm component...

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    I wonder how different and if there are any similarities between GeForce and Tegra?

    Could this benefit the open source Nouvoue driver?

    I wish GeForce had better open source support.


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      Until now I avoided adding much to the fuzz going on with Phoronix and Tegra, as it at least gets the driver some coverage. But please Michael, get the your facts straight. It's nice that we get euphoric articles about Tegra, but everything involving any acceleration is really in a very early RFC state and will take a bunch of time until it's ready for the users.

      The kernel infrastructure for 2D accel is a reworked part of NVidias downstream kernel and we spotted a lot of deficiencies in the design of this infrastructure. Those have to be worked on before any of this can go upstream. The 3.8 driver will just provide the modesetting code, so you can run an completely unaccelerated X environment. The more interesting part of the 2D accel, the userspace code has not even received the "go" from NVidias legal department yet. So please everyone don't get your hopes up too high about getting an accelerated X driver for Tegra on short notice. It's nice that NVidia and the community is working together on this one, but that doesn't mean there isn't any work left to do. In fact there is a lot to do until this will hit upstream.

      Tegra 2 and 3 doesn't have too much in common with the desktop GeForce chips. And the parts that are similar between them are already well understood by the nouveau developers. So any documentation that gets opened up for Tegra won't be of much use to nouveau.