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Bickering Continues About NVIDIA Using DMA-BUF

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    Originally posted by gamerk2 View Post
    Question: Whats the point of DMA-BUF if the people who need to use it, can't?
    Anybody can use DMA-BUF as long as they comply with GPL2. Simple as that.


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      Macs have their own brand of fail that is Apple not updating the OpenGL stack to 4.2/4.3.

      On Windows and Linux, I get OpenGL 4.2/4.3. OSS drivers can't give me that, simple as that.

      OSS drivers also don't implement GL_ARB_robustness like the Nvidia drivers do, which is very important for WebGL.


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        Originally posted by jrch2k8 View Post
        android is linux, it just use a custom DE instead of the common x86 DE but everything behind the android gui is linux + a good part of the GNU stack and this those changes done to the vanilla kernel by google are being getting upstream since long ago
        If you would pay attention you'd see this disputed functionality is really desired by ARM SoC vendors.

        Why take vendors like NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Samsung, TI, etc. and throw them out the back door where they can find Microsoft waiting, with whom they already have a great relationship?

        Android became big because it had great hardware (i.e., people didn't buy it for "Linux Inside" or GPL or anything else), and vendors had access to it (as opposed to iOS). If Linux is going to be a Crybaby OS, then these companies will just go work with Microsoft and make their flagship handsets and tablets around Windows.


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          Originally posted by GT220 View Post
          I wouldn't switch to garbage that don't even have OpenGL 4.2/4.3 support. Try again in 10 years when you actually have a clue or drivers that are up to par.
          btw check it out <---firefox 16

          Description NVIDIA Corporation -- GeForce 8800 GTS/PCIe/SSE2 <-- good old board
          Vendor ID NVIDIA CorporationDevice IDGeForce 8800 GTS/PCIe/SSE2Driver Version
          3.3.0 NVIDIA 304.51
          WebGL RendererNVIDIA Corporation -- GeForce 8800 GTS/PCIe/SSE2 -- 3.3.0 NVIDIA 304.51GPU
          Accelerated Windows 0 <--- see no accel and is the same with with a quadro fermi mid range and an 560ti

          minus 2 points here

          GL 4.2/4.3 only used as demos and in unigine so far [i can see how vital it is OMG] minus 2 points

          no bitching about opencl/cuda minus 1 point

          so 5/10 in the trollmeter, come on you can do better


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            Like I said, your trollfu is the weakest, but keep trying, maybe when you realize you have no facts backing you up, you'd stop embarassing yourself.


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              Originally posted by Rigaldo View Post
              Or maybe they should drop their driver altogether, like some people here seem to suggest. That'd help nouveau too, now wouldn't it?
              NVidia isn't doing Linux a favour with their drivers if that's what you're getting at, they support Linux in order to tap into the HPC clusters and 3D/SFX markets, perhaps their focus will broaden a little if Steam manages to take off on Linux, but in the end they will support Linux as long as it makes them money, and not a minute more so you can stop with the 'oh we must play nice or they might leave' nonsense.

              Why has Linux gotten where it has? Because it's open source at it's very core, everything that belongs to the kernel is open source, all drivers which want to interface with the kernel are open source.

              The main thing that persuaded hardware vendors to provide open source driver/information in the first place was that it was a pain in the ass to maintain their own proprietary driver, so when the kernel developers said that -'open source it and we will maintain it against infrastructure changes, fix any bugs we find and even possibly improve it' then that made business sense for the vast majority of said vendors, if it was painless to maintain proprietary drivers then that would be all they'd offer.

              This is what has led Linux to have AMAZING hardware support built in to the kernel which means it's supportable on all the platforms Linux supports. This is indeed a GREAT advantage, and every new piece of hardware that Linux can support natively makes it all the more useful and therefore attractive.

              This is the core of what has made Linux such a success, it's open source from subsystems to drivers, portable to basically everything under the sun.

              So why the f**k should the kernel devs suddenly diverge from this core principle and make it easier for hardware vendors to stay proprietary when what which follows with proprietary software: vendor/system lock-in, security issues through non-verifiable/debuggable code, is the exact OPPOSITE of what Linux stands for? To make it less work for NVidia to add their proprietary optimus support? Seriously???

              Add to this the fact that NVidia is one of the last companies who cling to proprietary drivers when supporting Linux, a company which is quickly becoming a bit-player on the Linux user desktop. And in this day and age, when proprietary hardware drivers are close to becoming a f***ing bad memory on open platforms you'd have to have missed the whole point of open source as advocated by Linux if you still suggest that they 'should make it easier for proprietary drivers'.

              Also was there anything new in this linked thread from when last brought up in a 'phoronix article'? Seems Michael is trying too hard into making this an issue which goes hand in hand his usual pro-proprietary-Nvidia propaganda.


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                Originally posted by christian_frank View Post
                users simply need the blob for everything more than basic 2d usage . And nobody buys an optimus laptops for that purpose ! alan cox move is a hit in the face for linux users . that's a fact .
                I've been using Nouveau exclusively since the beginning of this year and I'm even using it to do 3d sculpting in Blender, so stop spreading your bullshit.


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                  Originally posted by LLStarks View Post
                  You need to shut up. NOW.

                  I specifically bought an Optimus laptop to research approaches to solving Optimus on Linux. Why else did I spend so much time on the Bumblebee and Ubuntu Hybrid Graphics team?
                  Wait, this makes no sense. You bought an optimus laptop in order to _research_ approaches to solving optimus on Linux...? What do you mean by 'research', waiting for NVidia to create a proprietary driver? You are either lying and/or really dumb.


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                    Imagination/PowerVR doesn't even give you anything, zero support, zero drivers and zero anything, but you guys don't go and be the good attack dogs like you all are and attack that company instead.

                    On Android, PowerVR GPUs are heavily used in many SoCs. So guess what? If your Android smartphone/tablet has a PowerVR GPU in it, time to destroy your phone since it's trampling on your rights.

                    Notice the hypocrisy yet? Of course not, you good attack dogs are so blinded by your hypocrisy, you can't even see it right in front of you.


                    • Everybody agrees that PowerVR sucks at least as much as Nvidia.

                      I don't see who you're arguing with.