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RSX support in nouveau?

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  • RSX support in nouveau?

    Hey all,

    If you've been following PS3 linux you'll note that the RSX is a Nvidia GPU based on G70 (Geforce 7). Unfortunately there are no drivers available from Sony/Nvidia for the chip (for whatever reasons).

    Ubuntu, Gentoo and FC have been ported to cell but access to the RSX is being blocked by the hypervisor.

    Although Yellowdog has to have ported Mesa (I think v 6.52 not 7.01) to cell, Ian Romanik, of XGI driver fame, has started out another OpenGL on Cell project (

    Recently though, a bios dump was released of the RSX (under the ps3 gameos)

    The dump apparently "reveals the structure of critical memory structures, register layout, etc."

    Would this dump provide information be enough to get a build of nouveau up and running on ps3? Or would the hypervisor befuddle all attempts to access the RSX?

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    This release, and other information available in the ps3 dev wiki, shows how to make use of the RSX through the hypervisor. So that doesn't let you do a straight port, instead we would have to adapt our code to the hypervisor interface. I'm not sure if anyone is willing to do that for now.