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Valve's Gabe Newell Talks Linux Steam Client, Source Engine

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    Originally posted by johnc View Post
    I know we like to give Michael chit from time to time, but you've got to give it up... When the head of Valve wanted to get the word out, he asked Michael to come out to HQ to get the scoop. So yeah, he's the man.

    My only concern from all this news is whether or not Valve is going to maintain relevance in the future. The impression I'm getting is that Apple and Microsoft are looking to push Valve and Steam out of the market altogether. And they could very well be successful at that task.
    Valve is a large group of brilliant people. Plus they're capable of adapting and executing far more quickly than monolithic corporations such as M$ and Apple. I have a feeling they'll be okay regardless of what those two do in the pursuit of unbridled profit.


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      How do I get in on that beta?


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        Originally posted by Nedanfor View Post
        I guess Michael will post more pictures and informations in the next posts/days. Why? Because he's not working for free and needs more visitors to make profit. What would you do if you have such a good scoop and a website? In my opinion it's legit.
        No, that just makes him look more like a sleazy idiot. If you've got anything at all you don't milk it in every gaming related article for YEARS for ad hits.

        Its the same reason I refuse to whitelist Phoronix, he has ample oppertunity to post actual news on this site and he doesn't, he'd rather go on and on about steam for Linux with no corroboration.

        Larabel is a damn moron with no tact, remember the Gameolith article? A Linux Only game shop? Well even in their debut article he had to bring up Steam as if it's coming to Linux was going to happen the very next day and that all other Linux game shops would instantly be made irrelevant.

        Then theres the fact he'll post about every minor update to Gnome or KDE but wont cover actual new games coming out for Linux.

        Where are the articles about Where are the articles about games released THIS MONTH like:
        Harvest Massive Encounter
        Dark Legends
        Snorms Episode 2
        Shadowrun Returns
        CraftStudio Game Maker
        The Banner Saga
        Will Fight For Food

        Would those not have brought in far more page views and thus ad hits then droning on and on about Steam thats probably never going to come to the Linux desktop instead of only being available on a Valve made console?

        Really, what makes more sense to talk about? Larabel's unsubstantiated rumors or ACTUAL NEWS?


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          This is the best news I've heard in a while. I've been waiting for something like this since 2006. Today is better than yesterday


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            Originally posted by RussianNeuroMancer View Post
            Isn't this official enough? (10:55). What you need?
            After all the bullshit? An installer in my downloads folder. Till then nothing. And at this point, after Larabel has done everything to put me off to Steam On Linux I'll be buying from Gamolith and Desura instead of Steam for any title available on them and only use Steam for Valve own titles.

            Fact: He didn't say anything about writing FOR LINUX, only that they had developers programming ON Linux.

            Fact: Many game houses actually write their games ON Linux, but never release their games FOR Linux.


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              Valve: Thanks so much for considering the Linux world. I really don't have other words! Thanks!

              My only concern is: will AMD finally be serious with their Linux proprietary drivers? But this is another story.


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                Originally posted by bulletxt View Post
                My only concern is: will AMD finally be serious with their Linux proprietary drivers? But this is another story.
                And maybe a very promising one.


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                  Wow! I actually thought the same thing

                  I don't read minds, but after trying out the Windows 8 pre-beta, I seriously thought that Microsoft was giving the Desktop users the middle finger. I actually thought that this could be the "killer app" to make Linux really popular


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                    Good news, thanks!


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                      i wonder why now? i mean, why are they doing this now? Open source driver a finally catching up with 3d standarts (SNB + IVB has OGL 3.x support, Gallium3D is also reached that lvl) or is it that win8 is awful (imo, win 8 is the worst move ever made [secureboot crap, multitouch interface crap 'coz i can't afford a multitouch screen])? what are the reason behind this whole linux thing? nothing within Micheal article gives a real inside no quotes, no pictures.. nothing. I'm exited to know once again that steam and source engine could come to linux. but will they really do it?