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Nouveau Driver Improves Buffer Swapping

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  • Nouveau Driver Improves Buffer Swapping

    Phoronix: Nouveau Driver Improves Buffer Swapping

    While it's not often these days that there's worthwhile changes to talk about in an X.Org DDX driver, happening within the Nouveau driver camp in recent weeks has been some improvements to this open-source NVIDIA driver's buffer swap implementation and time-stamping...

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    please guys add Quad-Buffering support for stereoscopic 3D

    One thing where we Linux/OpenGL users are kinda left outside is the support for Quad-Buffering which is necessary for stereoscopic 3D (be it with shutter glasses such as NVidia's 3D Vision or otherwise)
    the problem: NVidia's proprietary drivers only support Quad Buffering with Direct3D (i.e. Windows-only, but works with GeForce cards) or with Quadro Cards (artificial limitation)
    if the nouveau guys want the eternal gratitude of 3D application developers and users, please give us some way to have Quad-Buffering ON LINUX WITH GEFORCE (not just Quadro) cards.


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      Does it help get flawlessly tear-free out-of-theb-box experience with nouveau like with R600g?