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Does X support the NVIDIA 8800GT?

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  • Does X support the NVIDIA 8800GT?

    I'm getting a computer built for me and the 8800GT NVIDIA card has been suggested. Will it work with X, or should I ask for a different card?

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    It will work. Here's the list of cards supported by the latest NVidia driver:


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      It works, it just does not have hdmi audio support. For that you would need series 9 + spdif cable or new cards with hdmi soundchip (since nv 210).


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        That's 64-bit. I'm getting a 32-bit m/c

        That's a 64-bit card, it appears. What about 32-bit?


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          295.20 is also for 32-bit

          Yes, I see that the NVidia site shows that the 295.20 release is also for a 32-bit m/c. So long as it will drive the
          8800GT, I shall probably be satisfied.


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            Cards are not "64-bit", it's the drivers that are 32- or 64-bit. Nvidia support both types in their graphics drivers.

            However, I recommend to use the installer provided by your distro instead of downloading one from nvidia's website. That you get a slightly outdated version that way does not matter as the drivers already support the 8800 for years.
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              Oopsy, I only now noticed that this thread is in the "Open-Source NVIDIA" section. I'm not sure if that's really important to you or you just posted here by mistake. The official NVidia driver (which is not open source) fully supports the 8800GT as was mentioned already, but if you're asking whether the open source driver (called "Nouveau") supports it, and if yes, how well, then I don't know.