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Patches For Better Re-Clocking In Nouveau

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  • Patches For Better Re-Clocking In Nouveau

    Phoronix: Patches For Better Re-Clocking In Nouveau

    While the Nouveau driver developers have a huge disadvantage compared to the open-source Intel and AMD Radeon Linux drivers in that they need to reverse-engineer NVIDIA's binary driver at the same time as writing the open-source code and they have no form of support at all from NVIDIA Corp, their efforts can be applauded. They've been quick to bring up support for new hardware, including Gallium3D support for Fermi already, but one area where the Nouveau driver has been slow to mature is with power management and safe re-clocking support. Fortunately, that may finally be changing...

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    Thanks Michael

    Thanks Michael for relaying the call.


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      Also, as much as I would like this support to land in the 2.6.40, I'm not sure it will. I hope it does as this is non-critical and would lead to more testing.

      Fan management is still the biggest issue. Btw, If someone has a geforce 8 (or newer) with a loud fan, please contact me on freenode, channel #nouveau.

      Anyway, we are 3 students working as much as we can on this matter, it isn't trivial hence the reason why it takes a lot of time. Also, we need to access hwmon drivers from the kernelspace and that requires an update of the hwmon interface...


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        Launched to the Nouveau mailing list yesterday by Nouveau's Martin Peres is a set of two patches that seek to improve the stability of GPU re-clocking. He's looking for help testing out these patches as they need to be merged soon for NV50 timing management.
        This site is very outdated and because of that less testers know what help is needed.


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          Originally posted by NSLW View Post
          This site is very outdated and because of that less testers know what help is needed.
          Well, it isn't really outdated. We still need help for testing timings and we still need power management mmiotrace dumps. That's true that all the little calls aren't on this page because we already have the answers we have or don't find the time to add them because we don't really need anyway.

          Really, sending vbios + a mmiotrace is the best someone can do. But please ask on irc first, some cards are badly needed while some are ... common/well known.